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Recently we had the opportunity to take the Senna One Minute XL Crane out for a spin. The XL version can be used in a shorter configuration (approx 10ft) or with the full length extension (approx 14ft). The name is derived from the fact that one person can literally setup the entire crane in one minute.

There's a very small learning curve during the first assembly, but your second time around should be a breeze. For many large cranes, you may end up spending extra money on a solid tripod or a very large fluid head. One benefit is the Senna One Minute XL Crane comes with it's own custom tripod with panning base and custom tripod dolly.

The system is ready-to-run (minus counterweights). Every single piece on the Senna One Minute XL Crane serves a very specific purpose which makes for a very straight forward assembly and tear down - without the need for tools.

For more information about Senna products, check out their website at https://www.Senna.hr (click here).

Senna One Minute XL Crane Video Jib
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