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The DJI Focus is an innovative Wireless Follow Focus system as it can be used on the ground with camera systems, and also in the Sky when combined with the Inspire1 X5 Camera. When used on the Inspire1, the DJI Focus links to the Inspire1 remote transmitting through Lightbridge and controlling focus pulls up to 5km away (over 3 miles). Without Lightbridge, the DJI Focus has a 100m Range (over 300ft).

dji follow focus lightbridge remote inspire1 x5

A variable friction wheel on the remote allows you to loosen or tighten the throw depending on your preference. End points (A/B) can be set for focus throws on lenses that don't offer hard stops (i.e. photo lenses), removable marking discs can be quickly swapped out, and the remote also offers illumination behind the disk when working on a dark set.

dji remote follow focus system x5 cameradji focus follow focus inspire1 gimbal ronin

The DJI Focus Follow Focus System is extremely compact. No separate receivers are necessary as it's all built in to the Motor. The DJI Focus runs on a rechargeable battery (micro USB Charging) that lasts 14 Hours. There are two ports built into the Motor, which hints they will be expanding this system in the near future. A rosette mount behind the remote also makes it easy to mount to your rigs, or possibly the handle of your gimbal for single operators.

DJI Focus Follow Focus system
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