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Freeway microphone test: Rode VideoMic vs Audio Technica ATR-3350 (with a bonus Z96 test) from Cody Kitaura on Vimeo.

Ok, in all fairness this may not have all been perfect tests, but the final result in using a LAV microphone in this type of situation shows how effective it can be, so i'm going mainly off that result. So before other people start commenting on this video, i'll blog a little bit.

First test. The HG10 may have had some type of AGC turned on as I can hear the audio fluctuate up and down. If it were on, of course that may not have been a proper test, but a busy highway in the background is no place to use in camera microphone. So let's not look too closely at that first part of the review.

Second test. The Rode VideoMic was placed over the camera, and it's possible it could have performed 'a little' better if the AGC was turned on. Since the highway was behind the subject, placing the Shotgun over the camera towards the noise also would not be a proper test. It would easily pick up the noise in the background. Shotgun microphones like this would be best used on a Boom Pole off axis and possibly just pointing down onto the subject from overhead. Obviously we don't always have a second hand with us, or a boom pole handy, so let's not look too closely at test #2.

Third test. This is a good example. It's highly possible the AGC might still have been enabled on the camera, and may have been able to fine tune sound without AGC, but you really see the difference in using a LAV microphone in a very loud and noisy situation. I wish I had these in my pocket when I shot in a nightclub trying to do an interview with two people. The background music was soo loud it was really hard to isolate the subjects from the background noise. For even better sound you can give your subject a quality hand held microphone. For those times you may want the microphone to be discreet, for $20 dollars, the ATR3350 can get you closer to the audio you want to use in your final project. So big thanks to Cody for just taking time out on the side of a busy highway and running some basic audio tests late night for everyone to consider. Thanks Cody!

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