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The new sold out Rode VideoMic Pro should be coming around in stock in the next few weeks. This microphone has been performing really well and has excellent quality for the price and size. If you're not already on the pre-order list, it might be something to think about in case it's sold out again.

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One very small thing that you should consider carrying around is the Rode Extension cable. Of course this 3.5mm stereo cable extender will work for other 3.5mm microphones as well. This makes moving the microphone closer to your subject simple, and doesn't require any fancy wireless transmitters or receivers. Using this extension cable will help you position your camera within a distance of 10' feet or if you run the microphone to a Portable Recorder, you can keep the recorder close by to control and monitor levels. A basic light stand or microphone boom pole and you've got yourself a great little interview kit. Oh and yes you can find these types of cables in other electronics stores, but make sure you have the shielded version to prevent any additional interference. At about $10 bucks, you can't go wrong with the Rode version.

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