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I pretty much hang in the small DSLR video camera side of things, but I am often asked for a good Steadicam Vest type system that can be used for larger cameras such as the Sony FS700 or RED Scarlet / EPIC. ProCinemaTools has a video review about a steadicam system that many RED Users have been discussing on the forums called the Laing M-02 Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit.

The video mentions the Laing M-02 Camera Support Vest Stabilizer Kit is rockin' a 22 pound RED Scarlet setup with rails and a MatteBox over the top. The top stage can also mount the camera at a tilted angle (up/down) for more creative shots while still being balanced. It's designed to work with an LCD monitor up front on the lower sled, and the Gimbal can be adjusted up and down the telescoping post. If you're looking to fly some big cameras, this is being called a high quality affordable system. You can find the Laing Stabilizer Vest Kit via eBay (Click Here).

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find-price-button Laing Camera Support M-02 Stabilizer Vest Kit - via eBay