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Looks like Ikan has a new product in their website called the 'Recoil' for Camera Stabilization. Let me emphasize that I like Ikan, I really really really like Ikan. They make some really good products and I like how they are really stepping into the DSLR accessories market, but this 'Recoil' product might not be a good marketing move. This 'Recoil' product newly released by ikan for $79.95 has been around for quite some time as the $20.00 dollar shoulder support in DSLR world. It has already been popularized by many 'big big big' websites, so not many people will find this as a new product. My oldest article post dates back before November of 2009, and even I had my share of tweaking this shoulder support rig found in this article: http://cheesycam.com/a-s-s-implants-how-to/. I'm glad Ikan is stepping into more products for DSLR shooters, but this one product is released a little late and a little too pricey.

Below is a video I did having fun with this product.

One thing I was keeping my eye on from Ikan was their Ikan fly Pack DSLR Support Kit. It's like a Fig rig, DSLR cage, LCD monitor, LED light, battery packs, some magic adjustable arms, you name it it's all in the bag ready to shoot your next DSLR event coverage. It's a great idea that just needed a bit more marketing behind it. Jump over to the link at bhphotovideo.com to get more information.

IKan Fly Pack 1 DSLR Bundle w/V5600