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If you're looking for a lightweight setup to send your HD feed wirelessly, Camera Motion Research has released a new Mini Back Bone for their Radian Pro Wireless HD Video Transmitter. The backbone itself is more compact in design, is now made from Delrin instead of metal, and also includes a lighter more compact battery. Aside from being used with the Radian transmitter, these backbones can be used with Paralinx, IDX-Cw-1, and Nyrius Aries Pro transmitters.

Product Description:
The mini TX Backbone requested by customers wanting the smallest and lightest transmitter package with self-contained power is now available. The mini TX Backbone is made from machined delrin , and our chrome plated spring steel battery clip. It has two ¼-20 mounting holes. The MINI TX Backbone uses a smaller lithium battery that powers the transmitter for over 3 hours. The battery has an on/off switch , and a very accurate digital display of remaining % power, that indicates both during powering, and during charging. The MINI TX BackBone kit ships with one battery, USB power cable, anodized aluminum thumb stud and hot shoe mount for an introductory price of $99. Additional batteries are $25 (visit website here).

Radian Pro Mini TX Backbone
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