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If you're not familiar with the Radian Pro, it's a small kit that can stream HD Video wirelessly from the HDMI of your camera over to remote monitor. These are very handy tools when you can't be by the camera (i.e. mounted to a video crane) and you need to frame your shot. You can see how we recently used our Radian Pro kit with a Varavon Wirecam Cable Cam setup a few weeks ago (here).

The Radian Pro (unicast) will allow you to stream a feed back to one monitor, but with the Multicast version, you can stream that same feed to several monitors. Right now Camera Motion Research is offering up a trade in deal if you're looking to upgrade.

According to the offer - "Owners of Radian Pro unicast TX/RX sets (or Paralinx Arrow® unicast TX/RX sets) can trade in their unicast set and upgrade to a Radian MC multicast TX/RX set with 2 or more receivers at a very affordable cost." For more information about this trade in offer, check out the details at https://CameraMotionResearch.com.

Camera Motion Research Radian Pro Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver