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NAB 2014, Brian shares more information on the latest Induro 75mm Hi Hat and Benro S8 Video Fluid Head that now offers variable drag on both Pan and Tilt for more control over your fluid head when you want the movement to operate very loose to very firm.

The Induro Hi Hat comes with a 75mm Half Bowl adapter which allows you to use any standard flat base Fluid Head. Of course if you are already using a 75mm half bowl head (such as the Benro S8), you can mount this directly to the Induro Hi Hat tripod.

I've been using the 100mm Induro Hi Hat for over a year, (see it in this video) and it's been one of my favorite tools when working with products over tables, but for me personally this new 75mm version at half the weight is probably more suitable. As mentioned in the video, there is currently a rebate on this item found over at B&H (click here).

Induro Hi Hat Tripod
find-price-button Induro DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set (75mm Bowl)

The Benro S8 Pro Video Fluid Head is also currently offered with a rebate bringing the price down to just $199 (found here).

Benro S8 Fluid Drag Video Head

That's a competitive price for a video fluid head which can support over 17 pounds (great for supporting sliders), has a built in counter balance, offers Variable Drag on both Pan & Tilt - and yes still compatible with your common Manfrotto 501PL plates. Find this rebate offer via B&H (click here)

Benro S8 Video Fluid Head Pan Tilt Variable Drag Benro S8 Video Fluid Head Tripod rebate Benro S8 Fluid Head manfrotto compatible
find-price-button Benro S8 Pro Video Fluid Head and Tripod Kits

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The common problem with basic Tripod plates (quick release plates) is that you only have one main screw that attaches to the camera. So obviously with a little force, the camera seems to twist around, and sometimes come loose from the QR plate. This is especially more annoying when using a follow focus system and the lens moves away from the gear. If you look carefully under your camera, you'll find a tiny 'alignment' hole that most QR plates don't utilize.


To solve this problem, you would use an Anti Twist plate. Below are a few images of a Canon 5D Mark II Anti twist plate (only available for 5DM2 currently).

Canon 5D Anti Twist PlateCanon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate
3 screws to fasten the plate and 2 thread to fasten a quick release plate

The Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate takes advantage of the alignment hole on the camera to make sure it doesn't shift, and then there are two threaded holes that you would use to mount your QR plate. Yes, you would use both threads in your slotted plate which will prevent the plate from shifting also. If you have the need for a firm stance, check out these anti-twist plates via eBay (click here).

Canon 5D Mark II Anti Twist Plate
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark II Anti-Twist Plate