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As I continue to fiddle with the new 32 Bit CAME 7000 Gimbal, I spent several hours tweaking the system these past two days until I found some settings that worked best for me. Here's an example of how stable my profile is thus far.

Now that I have this project up and running, I'm comfortable enough to start sharing more of the build process. The first series of videos to be uploaded are just my version of the basic assembly. You don't need to wait on me since coincidentally CAME-TV.com has already uploaded their own version of building this gimbal found at their product page (here).

For those who already have their systems assembled and looking for a good Canon 5D gimbal profile, maybe mine will help you get close as you start out. Remember that balancing your gimbal is the most important thing before you start it up. You can download my CAME 7000 32 Bit Gimbal PID Settings (here).

[NOTE:] CAME-TV.com has provided three different profiles for use with their new 7000 3 Axis Gimbal. I tried the profiles, but ended up just creating my own from scratch. Your results may be different and if you want to give this a go, you can download the new 32-Bit Gimbal Profiles (found here).