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Looking to travel with a very very long slider, but hate dealing with the bulk? RigWheels has introduced a few new products that you might be interested in. The first product is the Universal Rail Bracket System. A simple adjustable rail clamp to accurately lock in any set of 1"-2" round rails or up to 1 3/4" square tubing. If you have to fly off to another state, it's easy to pick up these types of rails at your destination, so that you don't need to travel with it.

Now if you really want to travel with a set of rails, RigWheels is offering up a new PortaRail Collapsible Rail System. These are 40" (1 meter) sections of (approx. 42mm OD) Round Rail that can be assembled together to create a long seamless track.

For more information about these products, check them out at https://RigWheels.com.
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