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Even if your camera does not require a super fast media card to capture the highest quality video, there's another reason why you might want faster speeds. After shooting a full day with three camera angles, you end up with quite a bit of footage. Downloading and backing up each media card can end up being a painfully slow process. If you can relate, then my suggestion is to make sure you have at least a Fast USB 3.0 Card Reader and combine that with faster recording media.

If you're tired of waiting on transfer times, here's a few excellent deals on Sandisk Media that ends this weekend (click here).

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If you plan on storing this to an external drive, an external USB 3.0 drive is decent, but for the ultimate speed you should definitely look into some of the ThunderBolt Portable Drive Solutions. This will immediately make a noticeable difference at the end of the day when it comes to transferring that data over for backup.

Not to mention that the added benefit of Thunderbolt over USB 3.0, is that you can even playback and edit video over Thunderbolt much smoother than from a USB 3.0 drive.

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