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When you're looking for effective light diffusion while keeping things simple and fast check out the new D-Fuse Instant Pop Up Softbox for LED light panels. Like many softbox kits, the D-Fuse uses rods to create a structure and hold the diffusing material a distance away from the source. Using a unique (patent pending) design, the length of the rods found at each corner setup and break apart through strong Magnets, and the rods remain as part of the Softbox when folded up. No no loose parts to lose or misplace!

I highly suggest diffusers like this for anyone using LED Light Panels during interviews that are facing directly towards your subject. Bare LED Bulbs are pretty hard on the eyes, and the last thing you want is your subject squinting or ending up with a headache. You'll immediately see a difference in how soft the shadows are which is also more flattering for many subjects.


The current D-Fuse Pop Up Softbox for LED Light Panels is designed for popular 1x1 LED Panels, but they will be releasing additional sizes and adapters to fit other popular sized LED Panels as well. But seeing how it's mostly a Velcro fit, i'm sure this current version can easily be modified to use with just about anything if you can't wait for the other sizes to become available.

This is a brand new product. Right now there's a special introductory price (limited time / limited QTY), and an even better deal if you choose a 3pc combo pack. You can find the new D-Fuse Instant Pop Up LED Light Panel Softboxes over at PNCGear.com (click here).

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A new instant Pop Up softbox for 1x1 LED Video Light Panels. Should be out very soon, but wanted to see what initial thoughts were about this product.


I just received my Octagon softboxes that are used as a light modifier for flash photography. They set up super fast like umbrellas but function more like traditional softboxes. I'll do a video later about how easy these things go together with my Speedlights.

500 LED Video light - Pop up Softbox

Normally you would use a strobe in the brolly, but the slotted design can be used for other light sources. Gabriel is already experimenting with using a 500 LED video light panel inside (photo above). He had to add a clamp to hold the umbrella in place. It blocks a bit of space, but should still help to change it from a small light source to a larger softer light source. Could even help with the multi-shadow issue that LED lights can sometimes cause. I'm curious to see the results. [Thanks Gabriel].

They also come in a large square version that still pops open like an umbrella. You can find more information about these following the link to the original article (click here).

Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 8.42.18 PMflash softbox
find-price-button Octagon Umbrella Softbox for Portable Studio Flash