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Traveling with a GoPro camera can get pretty frustrating with it's short battery life. Every time I take the camera out, i'm constantly powering off. Sometimes I feel like I really missed opportunities when I decide I didn't want to waste battery life on something I should have shot.

At PhotoPlus 2014, the Polar Pro company shows off an excellent solution to short run times with the PowerPole. An all metal top to bottom telescoping pole with an integrated rechargeable battery. They've also come up with a few more unique accessories that add value when shooting with your GoPro cameras.

via RunPlayBack.com PhotoPlus Expo 2014

I guess if you want to power your GoPro camera via USB, you'll most likely need the skeleton housing which is not completely waterproof. Not all bad since I see thousands of vacationers using the GoPro on telescoping poles mainly for vacation selfies. You can find the PowerPole available at B&H (click here).

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