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I've lined my bag up with the Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 media cards because it was both cheap and reliable. I've had no issues and placed a few re-orders since. For many others it's important to go with a brand name like Sandisk or Lexar. Now with Lexar's Class 10 SDHC card (you need minimum Class 6 for video on DSLRs) coming in at just $1.00-$2.00 dollars above the Transcend version, it's almost a no brainer on which way to to.

I personally consider Lexar a better brand than Sandisk, and Sandisk is still pricing theirs almost twice the Lexar brand. Why couldn't they have done this sooner? Compact flash cards of similar speeds, not such a good deal (yet). Though the 5D Mark II or 7D users can't take advantage, this is great news for many high end video cameras, and all the latest small cameras coming out. You can check out the pricing on Lexar Class 10 SDHC cards following the link (click here).

Lexar 16GB SDHCLexar 32GB SDHC
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