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Shared by @RikCordero via Twitter, peep out the new Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear that allows you to capture POV video without having a mass hanging from the side of your head. Quality looks pretty good for wearable glasses, and settings can be changed via iOS (iPhone). According to an Amazon listing (seen here), the price will run you about $339 dollars for a pair of the Durango Smokes.

PivotHead Video via GearAddix.com

There's a variety of different wearable styles, and here's a list of some features.

Brilliant 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording
8MP image Sensor
Four Focus Options: Auto, Fixed, Continuous, Macro
8GB on-board Memory
Still Image Capture During Video
Burst Still Image Capture
Exposure & ISO Settings
Time Lapse Settings
Ultra Light Weight Impact - Resistant Frames
Black & White Video/ Photo Settings
Polarized, Revo, and Photochromic lenses
Simple to use - Easy to Share
Numerous Control Setting Options
Control Setting Software for MAC, PC, IOS with optional Air Pivothead
View and Transfer files wirelessly on all mobile devices with Air Pivothead WIFI Drive accessory
4 Models, 16 styles

Check out other information over at the PivotHead HD Video website (Click here)
Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear
Pivothead HD Recording Eyewear