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If you don't already have an Intervalometer (Timer Remote) for time lapse photography, you might want to take a look at the new Phottix offering. Phottix recently announced the new Aion 2.4ghz wireless (can be used wired also) remote. Of course it's got the basic timer and shutter release features along with an amazing number of triggering options - including auto-bracketing for HDR.

Phottix Aion Wireless Remote
* Timer and Long Exposure Functions
* Shutter Release Functions
* Wired or wireless operations
* 2.4 GHz frequency
* 60m range
* Backlit LCD
* AAA batteries

Timer Functions
1. Self, interval and long exposure timers
2. Number of frames setting
3. Auto-bracketed timer setting for HDR photos

Shutter functions
1. Two-stage shutter button for AF and shutter release
2. Instant, continuous 5 shot, 2 second delay and bulb shutter release mode.

The Phottix Aion wireless remote are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus on Amazon (click here) and via eBay (click here).

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