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Rumor of a new four-thirds lens, Olympus may have a Zuiko 30-150mm Lens with F/3.3-4.2. This is an impressive aperture for such a variable telephoto lens. I can't read what the rest of the website is saying, but this is rumored to be a new lens announced this year.
[Source] https://egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2010-07-10


I'm still waiting to dive into the new Pen Camera which has much more improved photography and videography features over the original E-P1 and E-P2. I don't like the fact that the body has changed so much though. I was really fond of the nostalgic old school look with the leather cover.

This was interesting to me to find Olympus right away supporting their new E-PL1 with an OEM waterproof housing case. I'm not sure how much of underwater experience Olympus has, but there is a bit of security knowing it's all made to work perfectly and designed exactly for their own products. You can find the Olympus waterproof housing Available here at BHPHotoVideo.com.

Now that you're all excited about the title of this post, I have to break the bad news and say unfortunately it's not me giving this prize away. I'm just letting you all know about the Olympus Pen Challenge going on right now. Olympus is going to give you an Olympus E-PL1 camera + $5,000 dollars to fund your next video project.

It's easy to enter, you don't even need an Olympus camera to submit for the challenge. Basically you send them a short video telling them what you would use the new camera + money for, and they'll choose a few winners. Anyone want to team up with Cheesycam for a project, holla back! I'm thinking music video utilizing all the features in the new E-PL1. More details following the link.