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NeoPrene (1 of 7)

When it comes to mounting accessories, it gets quite annoying when things start rotating around. Normally I use a rubber / neoprene washer under my hotshoe mounts, but for larger areas you can use something like Cork. I don't really like the look of cork, so I went searching for another option. Here I ran into these inexpensive Neoprene adhesive sheets.

NeoPrene (2 of 7) NeoPrene (3 of 7)

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They are available in different sizes, but the ones I purchased come in 7" x 3.5". Very thin foam / rubbery material that cuts easy with plain scissors. If there are holes that need to be punched, I just used a sharp blade to trace it out. Placing this on something like the JuicedLink Bracket allows me to mount a quick release base plate adapter without having it shift around so much. I plan on using the material on my Glidecam / Flycam stages and Camera Crane as well.

NeoPrene (6 of 7)NeoPrene (7 of 7)

These Neoprene sheets are normally used to silence (hunting) Bows, and are also available in much thicker padded versions and some with a Felt fabric overlay. Good for other DIY projects like PVC sliders.
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