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There's that saying "The best camera is the one you always have with you". This is Panasonic's latest Hybrid Android SmartPhone + Camera. As a camera the new DMC-CMM1P offers features such as full HD Video, an F/2.8 Leica Lens, 4K 15fps burst, a 1" sensor, mechanical shutter for up to 1/2000ths Shutter Speed, full manual control over shutter & iris, and even captures RAW. Physical camera buttons and a control ring allow you to manually change certain camera settings. There even looks to be some lens adapters which may offer wide angle and telephoto.

I think it's time to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy. Unlocked the DMC-C1MP Camera + SmartPhone runs just under $1K. Just Announced, more at the B&H Product Page.

panasonic dmc-cm1p camera smartphone
Panasonic Smartphone DMC-CM1P
panasonic cm1p smartphone camera
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