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With so many video accessories adopting the use of V-mount batteries, eventually it's an investment we may have to consider. Especially if you have a solid set of LED Light Panels, as batteries will allow you to use the set in any location without worrying about plugging into a wall, or tripping on extension cords. With so many different V-Mount options available, the Volta Smart V-Mount Battery combined with the Volta Quad V-Mount Charger offers a few features you may not find on cheaper V-Mount kits.

Starting with the Volta Quad V-Mount Battery Charger, it's certainly an investment, but keep in mind that it's capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously. While you may be able to find other dual chargers for less money, these may not charge your batteries simultaneously. For the dual chargers that 'can charge simultaneously' for close to $350 dollars, you'll find that the Volta Quad Charger actually offers great value starting at just under $450 dollars (found here).

volta quad v-mount li-ion battery smart charger
Volta Quad V-Mount Charger and Volta Smart V-Mount Battery

Getting back to the Volta Smart V-Mount battery, I can tell you that not all V-Mount batteries are created equal. I have a small collection of off-brand V-Mount batteries that doesn't work in many of my more powerful LED Lights, while the Volta Smart Li-ion had no issues powering them up. So if you believe you'll one day need the extra power, that's one big reason you'll need a quality battery. The Volta Smart V-Mount Battery is also conveniently rated at 99Wh designed to meet guidelines for air travel in the USA.

fvlighting volta v-mount smart battery cheesycam review

The LCD display on the Volta Smart V-Mount battery is incredibly handy to have. You see the number of Cycles, current Battery Percentage, and a proper indication of how much time you have left on each battery. Once you have this type of information, you'll definitely miss it when working with batteries that lack this feature. The LCD screen also displays a different set of information when it's charging, such as Time Remaining and Current Percentage.

So (like myself) it's certainly possible to save money on inexpensive V-mount batteries, there are many features the Volta Smart Batteries offer that make it more compelling to make your investment in a better Battery and Battery Charging System. The Volta Smart V-Mount Li-ion Battery and Volta Quad V-Mount Charger can be found at https://fvlighting.com.

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