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DJI today has made available their latest Gimbal Product - OSMO. The Osmo is a handheld system that allows you to use the DJI Zenmuse X3, X5 (Pro), or X5R (RAW) Camera + Gimbals.

Keep in mind that the OSMO is dedicated for use with one of DJI's cameras. While I think anyone with a DJI Inspire1 + X3 camera might be tempted to grab an OSMO, many still believe the quality of the GoPro HERO4 is still better (HERO4 certainly better in low light). You can already get a very stable GoPro HERO4 gimbal for less money, so I don't think I would personally use this for my X3.

DJI OSMO Camera x3 x5 x5r

But if you're looking at using an X5 or X5R DJI Camera system with your Inspire1, then I can see how this will add great value by allowing you to use it both on and off the Quadcopter. The DJI OSMO is already available to order on the DJI website (here).

osmo dji gimbal x3 x5 x5r handheld

DJI Osmo Product Samples from Tested

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