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What headphones am I currently using for video editing? I've been asked this question a few times lately, and as i'm not exactly sure how I ended up purchasing the OneOdio Over Ear Headphones last year - i've been happy I did. I purchased one set last year for editing in my office, and just recently purchased another set when editing at home (no endorsements here, purchased it on my own). In fact my daughter keeps taking them off my desk to watch videos on her iPad, and so now I'm about ready to purchase a third set.

OneOdio Studio headphones with 50mm Driver

I'm not going to compare them to other top headphones people are using for video editing, as i'm sure there's a million other options out there. I'm just letting you know what I ended up with and have been using for almost a year now. I'm not the guy editing in surround sound, and most of my projects will probably be watched through some tiny smart device (phone or tablet). So if you're creating content mainly for social media and internet, then I think these headphones will work great.

[ If you're inclined to, I suggest reading through some of the thousands of Amazon reviews where even so called 'audiophiles' are comparing them to other top brands. ]

The OneOdio headphones are lightweight, soft pads, and are comfortable to wear for several hours of editing. I chose a model with a 50mm driver, and the sound is great. Though they don't have noise cancelling features (the one I chose), they fit well and block out a lot of ambient noise.

The OneOdio headphones don't feel cheap, and come with two different cords (3.5mm or 1/4), and enough accessories to work with any device. In fact the cord comes with a microphone, so if you happen to be listening to music through your smartphone and get a call, they even be used for conversations on your smartphones. For me they have held up over time, and kept me happy enough to buy it again. I suggest taking a look at some of their options as the OneOdio Headphones can start around $37 dollars and have more expensive versions depending on your needs.

OneOdia Over Ear Studio Headphones