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Wow, awesome stuff here by NauticamUSA.com. Yeah first time i've heard about them too! Maybe because I was never crazy enough to take my gear underwater. The rig looks pretty sick and they've got something for the Canon 7D as well. I believe there is a Nikon D90 in there too, but who cares. JK Nikonians!! (sorta). Hopefully they'll be flattered that i've 'borrowed' a few images from their galleries to showcase it to you to guys. Hey it's free advertising Nauticam, now if only I can get one to review...hint hint nudge nudge. You can find way more cool photos of these rigs in the water, cool video samples, plus other housings at their website https://nauticamusa.com

These things look soo cool, i'd run around with them 'out of water'!