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As someone who dabbles with camera equipment, I'm often asked what's the easiest way to take a clean photo with a smartphone to post on social networks or to eBay. Without having to mess with various lighting kits and diffusers, my first suggestion is that they try out the Foldio Folding Studio from OrangeMonkie.

It's a simple product photography kit that sets up fast, folds down flat, and is complimented by an easy to use iPhone app. When adding in the optional Foldio360 Smart Turntable, they can also create fully animated 360 Product Videos to their websites and social networks - which are fun, adds more dimension to products, and I find more engaging.

If you're working with larger products, remember that you can use the Foldio360 Smart Turntable with your own background and lighting. And if you want to take higher res photos with a DSLR (i.e. Canon 5D), the app can be configured to fire the shutter on your camera through an IR blaster.

Overall the Foldio Studio and Smart Turntable are probably the easiest off-the-shelf product photography kits i've worked with. Inexperienced users will find this hassle free for capturing clean images and 360 Product images that are automatically generated by the iPhone App ready to share on social networks or send via email. You can get more info on Orange Monkie Foldio Products (here).

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I happened across a small forum over at https://videocopilot.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&p=257799 where they were wondering how this rotating shot was done above. They seem to be going more towards large circular dolly tracks huge sets, with rotating backgrounds. All too complicated.

I'm not a registered forum guy, but hopefully someone will see this and answer their questions about how it was done. I worked on a very similar shot before using a green screen background, and that's the reason I came up with this little doo-hickey here: http://cheesycam.com/motorized-lazy-susan-heavy-duty/.

The fan was placed in front of the model and also on the rotating lazy susan to keep the hair blowing away from her face as she rotates. Look closely at the catch light in her eyes (reflection) and you can see the lights don't rotate with her. She's definitely on a rotating lazy susan platform. Hope this helps guys...