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The new CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal seems to be getting very positive reviews, but the one issue people may have had to worry about was internal wires tangling up on the Roll motor. So to prevent this problem, CAME-TV has updated the MINI2 with a special Roll motor clamp.

Some of you who may have received the gimbal recently may already have this, but for others who received earlier units this video is for you. So here's a little demo on how to install the Roll motor clamp on the CAME-MINI2.

If you use your MINI2 gimbal in inverted mode, you may have to play with the final position of your roll motor clamp so that you still have some degree of rotation. I found that placing it on the side of the motor works pretty good for using the gimbal in both under slung and inverted modes. For more information about CAME-TV's latest tool-less adjustment mini gimbal, check out the product page where there's a few CAME-MINI2 videos (here).

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