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Although we may have a few different types of portable jib / cranes at our disposal (some more portable than others), there's no doubt that the most robust of the bunch is one from Kessler. Here's a product overview video and demo footage shot with the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler.

The Pocket Jib Traveler is 27 inches in length when collapsed and is completely self contained. No tools required for assembly, and does not need to be taken apart for travel. A panning base means it will work directly onto a tripod without requiring an additional fluid head. The Pocket Jib Traveler is rated to handle rigs up to 10lbs.

Kessler Pocket Traveler Jib

A long sliding rear bar is used for fine tuning counterweight, and the length (ratio) means you'll require less counterweight to balance your camera. We only required a 5 pound weight to balance out this 5D Mark III with 24-105mm Lens. In our video we're using a Carbon Fiber Tripod, so our total travel package is easy to travel with. Window cuts along the frame of the jib keep the overall system light-weight without sacrificing the structural integrity. To mount up larger / longer camera bodies that, you can use the (optional) Camera Platform Extender.

Kessler Travel Jib Pocket Crane

More info about Kessler's Pocket Jib Traveler can be found at the KesslerCrane.com website (here).

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