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There's a dozen or more things you'll often consider when purchasing a Tripod. Weight, Folding Size, Overall Height, Payload, Flip-Locks vs Twist Locks, Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber, etc. etc. In this article we're just going to point out quick differences between a Flat Base vs Bowl Mount and how you might be able to get the best of both worlds using a Manfrotto Tripod Leveling Base.

If you're shopping for a Tripod, want having the ability to adjust height with a center column, but want the ease of leveling with a Half Ball, then check out the Manfrotto 755 which is available in Carbon Fiber or Aluminum (found here).

manfrotto 755 with Fluid HeadManfrotto 755CX
Learn-More-sm Manfrotto 755CX 755XB Half Ball Tripods

If you already have a tripod in mind, you can add a Leveling Base. There's a number of different types out there, but over the years, I still think the Manfrotto 438 is the more robust one available. But if you're working with a smaller tripod, smaller camera, then the smaller leveling bases would be a better fit (seen here).

camera tripod half ball levelingmafrotto 438 leveling basetripod leveling base
Learn-More-sm Half Ball Tripod Leveling Bases