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Libec has announced a few new Remote Controls that can be used for a variety of applications such as controlling zoom and focus on many Sony, Canon, JVC, BlackMagic Design, and Panasonic cameras. You can also use the remote to Start and Stop video recording.

The new Libec Remotes are designed to be mounted on a Tripod Pan handle and can even be clamped onto the handle of a Gimbal Stabilizer. As an example, the ZC-LP remote can be used along with the new Panasonic GH5 camera to start and stop video, and when used with compatible Panasonic Servo Lenses, you can control zoom in and out remotely.

ZC-LP on Pan HadnleZFC-L description
Learn-More-sm New Products: ZFC-L, ZC-LP, TH-X ZFC KIT

Product Descriptions
The new remote controls ZFC-L and ZC-LP are our most innovative remote controls yet. These sleek designed controllers feature an Invert Switch that allows users to change the zoom direction when the control unit is attached in a top grip or underslung position. Thanks to a new Double-Sided Zoom Rocker design, when used in a top grip or underslung position, users gain the ability to zoom with their fingers, not just their thumbs. Moreover, these controls offer users smooth zoom and speed movements by simply tilting the zoom rocker.

In addition, the connection clamp can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter, wide enough to even fit the HFMP Monopod center grip. Zoom controls are equipped with a REC Start/Stop button and a 0.7m/2.3’ length cable. The Libec ZFC-L is a Zoom Focus Control compatible with LANC (Sony, Canon, JVC) cameras. The Libec ZC-LP is a Zoom Control compatible with LANC and Panasonic cameras. With all the added features, applications, and benefits, be sure to take these handy zoom controls on all your shoots.

For additional information about the new Libec Remote Controls, visit the product page at https://Libec.com (here)

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