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Trying to kill several birds with one stone, here's a review of the LCW BiGeye Profinder. I'm using my 3 piece 800w lighting kit, and audio was recorded using the new Zoom H1 audio recorder from the built in microphones. Sound is awesome. So hopefully you get an idea of the Zoom H1 audio sample, the lighting kit, and a great overview of LightCraft Workshop's latest product - the BiGeye Profinder DSLR View finder.

Here's a quick look at what's in the box and what the BiGeye Profinder from LightCraft Workshop looks like. I'll have some additional images of it mounted to a camera, once I get my old sticky frames off. Although it's an LCD loupe, the manufacturing is different than any other LCD viewfinder on the market. It's a completely silicone body, metal diopter ring, and glass Optics. No plastic at all (except for mounting frame). I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it definitely is different and new. Like I said, I haven't had the chance to shoot with it yet, but it feels comfortable in hand and comfortable when placed over the eye.

The BiGeye Profinder attaches almost in the same method as popular view finders. A square frame is attached to your LCD glass using double sided tape. The frame is not metal, it's plastic with a larger lip. The silicone body of the viewfinder stretches snugly over the frame holding it in place. This choice of silicone body to plastic frame mount is just as fast to remove as the magnetic mount type, but not so quick to attach. It's not difficult to attach, it's just not as fast. The LCW BiGeye Profinder comes with two different eye-cups so you have a choice, unlike most other finders where you'd be stuck with one. The optics are super clear, magnification is super sharp, no distortion, and true glass all the way through. That's no surprise, I mean this is LCW's product.

The diopter is a brilliant design and well made. It's an all metal construction with a knurled finish around the adjustment knob. The glass eyepiece is threaded so you can adjust it inwards or outwards to fine tune the magnification. It does come with a lanyard strap, but does not come with a case. Since it's primarily silicone it should take a beating quite well without worry of fracturing or cracking. Overall it does come in pricier than the cheaper loupes we've been seeing, but there's a large audience of shooters that are in need of an excellent working viewfinder with Diopter. For the build quality and design details, I think this is priced nicely. There are $180 dollar viewfinders that don't have Diopters or replaceable eye-cups, while the LCW BiGeye provides both of these features and still comes in under $140.

You can find more information about the LightCraft Workshop LCW BiGeye Profinder DSLR LCD view finder here: https://www.lightcraftworkshop-shop.com/