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(Above) That's the Wondlan Shoulder Rig, that comes with the shoulder pad, two handles, a swing away Matte Box, Top handle, Side Brackets, etc. You know i'm not even sure if that comes with a follow focus, but you'll find a setup like this going for about $1800+ dollars (see here).


Konova today posted up their slimmed down version of such a rig (above). Parts are definitely not from Wondlan, and it looks like they have an RJ Matte Box + RJ Follow Focus. Same overall design with one side bracket, top handle, shoulder pad, two long grips, and a rear mounting plate. Some of the pieces I've seen before, and some other ones like the locking handles i've never seen on other rigs. Konova listed this kit for $1100 dollars cheaper than Wondlan's, and there's some additional photos following the link (click here).

find-price-button Konova Video Shoulder Rig Matte Box Follow Focus Bundle