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It's a little early to be posting this up, but I was excited to see the rough cut on a video project I was asked to help with. Sorry Travis, I know it's still in progress, but I just had to show off the excellent work you've put in so far. I'm pretty proud of my Steadicam work with my Hybrid rig for this gig.

Producer Travis Simpson found me on Vimeo and asked me to be the Steadicam operator in a video project that was going to be shot entirely on DSLR's. My bit of experience in DSLR cameras helped as well for being a good candidate as Cameraman #2.

The interesting part of this video is the run and gun type gear used. We had to be fast, mobile, and carry only a few items to work in the tight traffic conditions of San Francisco. This entire video clip was shot only with 2 cameras + 2 lenses. Here's the setup:

Camera #1 Canon 550D / T2i + 50mm F/1.2 on RedRock EyeSpy bundle with Follow Focus
Camera #2 (me) Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm on my Hybrid Steadicam Rig (Found Here)
Sound was captured seperately by awesome Sound Engineer Kevin Crawford

If you see more than 1 person in the shot, that's the Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm on Hybrid Steadicam.
If you see the camera panning or moving during a shot, that's Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm on Hybrid Steadicam.
Close up detail shots or headshots are from the Canon T2i + RedRock EyeSpy + 50mm L F/1.2.
We also used the 126 LED video lights (found on the right side of this website) during the Bar scene diffused by bouncing off of a piece of paper. Love them lights.

Credits for the video (still in editing progress)
Producer: Travis Simpson
Director of Photography: Me!
Host: Ben Djavaheri
Sound Design: Kevin Crawford
Production Coordinator: Derek Fernandez