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YouTube member LeftCoastInternetTV has a helpful tip about using the microphone on your hands free iPhone earbuds as a LAV mic. He goes to the extreme to actually cut off the headphone buds to minimize the footprint of the little microphone. I've seen several people covering small events with their rigged up iPhone, and this is a clever little tip from having to deal with dual audio in post. Since this is all based on hands free audio headsets, there's no reason this little tip won't work amongst all the android users out there too. It's not perfect at all, but perhaps a better audio recording app with manual levels could make things even better. [Thanks LeftCoast_TV]

Of course if you're willing to shell out a bit more cash, there's already plenty of iPhone adapters that will allow you to input standard 1/8" jack microphones like the Owle Bubo iPhone Microphone Adapter, or 1/4" jacks like the Peterson Musical Instrument Adapter Cable