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We'll be tackling quite a few different events and conferences this year, and mic handling is a very important skill for the interviewer otherwise sound can easily be lost. To help prevent those issues when the microphone is not pointing towards the subject properly, we thought we'd try out the Rode Reporter ENG Hand Held Microphone at our next events.

Rode Reporter Microphone ENG HandheldRode Reporter

Quick Specs:
-Ergonomic die-cast body
-Anti-glare matte black finish appears discreet on camera
-Multi-layer wind protection
-Does not require phantom power, enabling the use of field recorders without the ability to supply it
-Extra long balanced handle allows for comfortable handling and allows you to get closer to a sound source
-Removable two-sided polycarbonate/ABS plastic microphone flag for display of your organization's logo

The Rode Reporter uses an Omnidirectional pickup pattern for fairly balanced sound levels whether the microphone is pointing towards the subject or slightly away. There are other microphones that offer an Omnidirectional pickup pattern, but need to be very close to the source. The Rode Reporter Microphone was designed to still perform quite well without being pushed into your subjects face. The uniquely designed mic flag can optionally be added for visibility to brand your company. If you work with an on-camera host or deal with event coverage, make sure to check out the Rode Reporter via B&H Photo Video (click here).

Rode Reporter ENG Hand Held Interview Event Microphone
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