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In the middle of setting up lights, I thought I would share this little tip how to modify the beam angle on a basic on-camera LED light. Creating a spot light is handy when you really want to narrow the light beam for a rim light or hair light on a subject. So here's an inexpensive way to change your small off camera LED into a more focused spot light using SpeedLight Gids (found here).

Varying thickness and density of the different honeycomb grids control the spread and feathering of the spotlight. These grids can be attached by simple velcro to any small LED light, and can be an effective way to control spill when working with colored gels so you can get creative with your accent lighting. These grids can often be found for around $5 dollars and up via eBay (click here).

grid honeycomb flash light spot light speedlighthoneycomb grid flash speedlight
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