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Here's on of my random ideas that just keep expanding. For one of my projects, I needed a large full 1080p monitor for my BlackMagic ATEM Switch in order to view 8 camera feeds at the same time. Since each feed is in it's own little window, I was also looking for something fairly big (at least 20"), not too expensive, and can be powered through batteries.

For this project I ended up putting an AOC 23" 1080p IPS LCD monitor with HDMI input inside a Pelican case which runs off of 12V, and means I can use it through battery power. Originally I just planned to put it up against the hood, but this meant not being able to get to the back of the monitor to hook up my HDMI cables and power plug.

Cheesycam AOC 23 inch HDMI LCD Monitor Display Pelican Case
find-price-button AOC 23" IPS LCD Screen HDMI 12V DC

Now that i've added a monitor arm, I can easily get to the back of the screen and tilt it to different angles.

Monitor Arm
find-price-button Small Articulating Monitor Arm

When this project is complete, it will have straps to secure the monitor into the hood, and will further be supported by extra foam when the case is closed up. I chose a large Pelican 1650 Rolling Hard Case since i'll need the extra room to store extra equipment with this setup including hundreds of feet of SDI cables.

cheesycam pelican 1650 rolling hard case monitor lcd
find-price-button Pelican 1650 Rolling Hard Case with Foam