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Look what just popped in this morning. Unfortunately i'm catching a flight out to New York and won't be available to test it for the next few days.


IMG_3084 IMG_3087

If you're not familiar, this is the new V-Converter from Aputure which takes an HDMI feed from your camera and outputs an overlay of helpful scopes inlcuding Peaking, Exposure/Zebra, Audio Meters, etc. to any HDMI monitor (including your basic HDMI television). Typically you can purchase a basic monitor for one price, and if you want these extra features you'll pay good money for it. This new V-Converter is designed to add some of these scopes to even the most inexpensive HDMI displays.

More information about the features of this product can be seen on the product listings (found here).

Aputure V-Converter
find-price-button Aputure V-Converter


Here Adoroma shows functions of the FlashPoint 8" HDMI LCD Monitor with Wireless Remote Shutter. Could be handy for still photographers, and for video the LCD can be used with the direct HDMI connection. The wireless video feature works through SD cables, and because it will disable the on-camera LCD (for DSLRs), I don't think it's a good solution for DSLR Video shooters.

It also doesn't have all the fancy focus peaking or exposure features of a real dedicated HD Video monitor. Still, if you have some other creative thoughts on to use this product Adorama normally lists the 8" HDMI LCD for $399 (seen here) and on Amazon it's being liquidated for $144 following the link (Click Here).

FlashPoint LCD
find-price-button FlashPoint 8" LCD Wireless Video Remote Shutter