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Looks like Vimeo member Choon Ean, was doing a bit of research into a handheld stabilizer and chose one I recommended for lightweight cameras. Thanks for the plug on my stabilizer video Choon Ean!

She does an excellent job showing off the capabilites of this stabilizer with lightweight gear such as the Panasonic GH1 + 20mm lens. She also does an impressive job of switching hands several times to show how stable the video can be maintained. I'm not sure how long she's been 'flying' this camera, but she sure looks like a pro. You can find prices for the Hague Mini Camera Stabilizer here.

click image to buy

Check out the Lensse modeled exactly like the Hague.

Check out the Stabilizer from IndieHardware. This one brags to be much better than the Hague, possibly in size, and gimbal rotation. It does look pretty beefy.