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There's some fancy new software in town from Red Giant, you probably know them from terms like Magic Bullet. It's actually called Magic Bullet Grinder 1.0, designed to convert those nasty DSLR video files into something more editable. There's a video on the Red Giant website here.

Magic Bullet Grinder 1.0

Features Easy Conversion
Convert H264-encoded video to edit friendly formats

Insert Timecode
Timecode data can be inserted for any .mov file, including original Canon format files

Final Cut-friendly Output
Support for ProRes 4:4:4, SQ, LT or PhotoJPEG media for online work

Offline Format Support
Handles ProRes LT and PhotoJPEG format in 1080p to quarter resolution

Simple, Powerful Batch Processing
Grinder is multi-threaded for speed. Transcode as many files at once as there are cores (8 cores = 8 simultaneous files)

Frame Rate Conversion
Conform files to one frame rate for converting 30p and 60p media to 24p for slow motion use (Speed conversion only: Does not alter optical flow)

File Naming
Automatically adds file name burn-in to proxies, making it easy to track offline files

Timecode/Frame Number Burn-in
Makes matching of specific frames from offline to online media easy