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Speaking of DSLR follow focus systems, here's another new one. Looks like the same RJ follow focus with a few upgrades adding in some hard stops. [Thanks Jacob]. This version is also reversible, but the mostly plastic quality will not stand a chance against the new Gini iFocus FF on the market. The hard stops is a nice added feature, but the asking price of this new version RJ follow focus will have it collecting dust on the store shelves. It's about $160 more than the original RJ Follow Focus. Until they do something about pricing, I would definitely skip the 'A/B hard stop' pony trick and check to see if you can get a better deal with the latest Gini version first.

You can check to see what the prices are on these new FFs (click here).

find-price-button Latest Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stops


Anyone catch the new Follow Focus from Gini? Single rod mount and just swings into position. It's made mostly of aluminum with an unfinished appearance (not a fan of that). I think if he offered this in black anodizing, it would get much more attention. Although the design overall looks good, the gearbox looks pretty similar to most basic Follow focus systems. Very similar to a Huco gearbox (could be?). Nevertheless those gearboxes have been fairly reliable in most of those FFs.

Price is outside of this world for Buy It Now, but that's always been Gini's approach. Usually he has these same high quality items in some type of inexpensive auction along with a rig. In fact there's a few auctions going on right now starting at just $1.00 US dollar, following the link (click here).

find-price-button Gini Rig New Aluminum Follow Focus