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There was a time when many said the DSLR video market was dead. That eventually every ILC HD camera would have built in XLR adapters, ND Filters, adjustable EVFs, and a more camcorder-ish ergonomic form factor. Unfortunately those features are still only reserved for higher priced camcorders and we find ourselves still needing to 'rig' our small camera bodies with external batteries, portable audio recorders, etc. So the need for 'Cages' are still very apparent.

At NAB 2015 FotoDiox shows off a few cage rigs for small camera bodies that still need to mount additional accessories. Aside from a small cage for the GoPro HERO camera, this is a new line of affordable accessories for the FotoDiox company.

The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera cage is available now, and other cages shown will be available at the FotoDiox website (here).


foto_diox-8  foto_diox-11

Learn-More-sm FotoDiox Shark Cage for Camera Bodies

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