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Having a nice powerful lighting kit is great, but let's not forget how important it is to have ways of controlling and modifying all that light using items such as flags, grids, bounces, softboxes, etc.

If you don't have a softbox for your LED panel, the D-Fuse Softboxes are foldable instant pop-up boxes that are designed to fit most LED Panels via stretch bands that pull across the back of your LED Panel.

Just recently, they've added another version - all white. This type of diffusion is similar to the effects you get from what some call a China Ball, Drum Light, White Dome, or Lantern. You may often see this type of light used hanging above subjects evenly lighting up an area.

While this may not be your primary modifier, it is a handy accessory to have as part of your kit. Especially if you're going for low contrast with less shadows. Perhaps a good modifier to use for product closeups or food photography.

The new D-Fuse All White version is available in three different sizes. Just measure our your LED Panel and compare it with the 'back window' dimensions listed on the D-Fuse product pages (found here).

Learn-More-sm D-Fuse Instant Pop-Up Softbox All White