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Remember this Budget DSLR Follow Focus creating a bit of hype? http://cheesycam.com/budget-dslr-follow-focus/. The seller moved quite a bit of these things, raised the prices twice (or more) already, and now lists that any new orders would ship at a later date.

Well turns out this follow focus is being made somewhere else, and a few new retailers have them available, not to mention cheaper too. If you poke through some of the listings you'll find some low priced auctions or BuyItNow + Free shipping. So instead of holding out for one retailer, you might get it faster from someone else.

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 9.08.17 PMScreen shot 2011-06-05 at 9.08.26 PM
find-price-buttonNew DSLR Follow Focus

Remember that you'll still require a set of 15mm rods to mount, so take advantage of those Gini auctions.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 5.33.23 PM
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rig Stabilizer Kits