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The Lensse DSLRPro Stabilizer has been around for possibly a few months now, and it is the latest version camera stabilizer in their product line. Here's some footage with a Canon T2i. Lensse uses a custom low friction brass gimbal in their stabilizers, and it doesn't have quite the range of motion as a Steadicam Smoothee or Steadicam Merlin.

dslrpro gimbal

The top stage of the Lensse doesn't provide you with many options for fine tuning knobs but you can slide the camera forward and back. It's not real clear in the product description or photos, but there seems to be an adjustment to shift the gimbal left/right. When not in use, the stabilizer folds down for traveling. Still with a demo video like this, it shows that it can be fairly capable. Lensse makes a variety of different sized stabilizers for different sized cameras. (Click here for Lensse DSLR Video Camera Stabilizers)

Lensse DSLRProLensse Stabilizer Video CameraLensse-DSLRPro-Demo
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