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With the popularity of drones, we're finding many projects are planned heavily around the use of aerial footage. So as a fail safe, we find it's a good idea to always bring a backup drone with extra batteries, extra remotes, and props, otherwise the entire project could be scrapped.

Our go to system these days is the DJI Inspire 1 4K Quadcopters, that comes with an excellent lightweight ABS case, but carrying it around on long hikes can be a pain - especially if you have to carry other equipment as well. Investing in a different case means more money, and most hard cases add-on an aditional 6 lbs. I really love the DJI Inspire1 lightweight ABS Case, but just needed a better way to transport them.

I decided to pick up two of these DJI Inspire1 Case BackPack Adapters. Four straps wrap around the standard case, and buckle in the center. The straps can be adjusted and holds the system very tight. There are a few extra pockets around the backpack to hold small items, and water bottle holders on each side. A waist and chest support strap also distribute the weight so it's very comfortable.

dji inspire1 backpack adapter ronin-m casedji ronin-m case inspire 1 adapter backpack
VIEW-ITEM DJI Inspire 1 Backpack Adapter

At first glance it looks a bit odd, but ask any Inspire 1 owner to try it out, and they'll be sold at how practical it is. And for DJI Ronin-M owners, don't forget the new ABS Ronin-M Hard Shell Case which looks very similar to the Inspire 1 case. This backpack adapter could work just as well when you have to travel with your gimbal.

VIEW-ITEM DJI Ronin-M ABS Plastic Suitcase

I'm not exactly sure when they made this available, but unlike the first (large) Ronin, when the DJI Ronin-M Gimbal was first released, it didn't come with a travel case.

I eventually decided on a carry-on sized hardcase myself, but now here's a custom Ronin-M case direct from DJI. If you're familiar with the Inspire1 travel case, it's a semi-hard exterior made from ABS plastic and a custom cut foam interior.


VIEW-ITEM DJI Ronin-M ABS Plastic Suitcase

Designed for the Ronin-M, the outside shell of this carrying case is made with ABS, a material that's both strong and light. On the inside, the highly resilient EPP material is used to help absorb pressure and vibrations. Besides protecting your Ronin-M Gimbal and all its accessories from collisions, the case is also moderately water-resistant.

Material: ABS (Outside), EPP (Inside)
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 51.5cm long x 38.6cm wide x 23.4cm high

Available now at DJI.com web store (found here).