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Good news for current Inspire1 Quadcopter owners today. DJI has added the 'OSMO Handle ONLY' option on their website. When they first announced the OSMO they listed pricing at $649 (included an X3 camera).

But now for everyone who already owns an Inspire1 with an X3 camera, the option to buy the handle only is a lot easier to invest for Just $269 (FOUND HERE).

DJI OSMO Handle Only X3 Inspire1 Cameras
VIEW-ITEM DJI OSMO for X3 X5 X5R Camera Gimbals Handle Only

And if you're looking to get the most out of your new DJI OSMO, there's a ton of super affordable OSMO accessories such a Shock Absorbing Bike Mount, Car Mount, Extra Batteries, Carrying Case, etc (all found here).

dji osmo battery charger dji osmo bike mount DJI OSMO CAR MOUNT
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dji osmo phone holder extension dji osmo tripod stand base dji osmo universal mount