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Lee Daley shared his DIY HD Wireless monitor solution via Twitter [Thanks Lee]. My solution is based on the discontinued Asus WiCast (seen here) and powered by Tekkeon batteries. Those Tekkeon batteries work great, but aren't very small so my solution isn't the best option out there.

DIY Wireless HDMI Streaming KitDIY Wireless HD Streaming Kit SmallHDWireless HDMI streaming Kit

Lee is using a different more affordable consumer Wireless HDMI streaming kit. Powering the receiver through what looks like a cheap CCTV battery pack and the HDMI Transmitter is much smaller and can be powered through the USB port of the SmallHD DP6.

These consumer HD streaming kits work great. They don't offer incredible range, but it will keep you untethered to move around and share your video feed (to a director). The kit he uses is often rebranded and you can see how it looks exactly like the one he's using (above). You can be find this kit on eBay for just $160 bucks.

Wireless HDMI Streaming Kit
find-price-button Wireless HDMI Streaming Transmitter Receiver