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Total Approx $45.00 Dollar 'Hands Free' shoulder rig modification / Shoulder Mount + Rotating Flash Bracket.

The Goal of this video is to show a simple 'low budget' way of how to mount all of the important accessories for DSLR video onto a cheap $24.00 shoulder mount rig.

Okay that's probably the worst article title ever for a Video Camera blog, but this cheap should support from Amazon or Adorama has earned it's own acronym. A.S.S. stands for 'Amazon Shoulder Support' or 'Adorama Shoulder Support'. I blogged about this thing months ago and one seller on Amazon ran out of stock. The other sellers tripled their prices. It was normally going for around $24.00 dollars, now you're seeing it around $70.00 bucks. You can all thank me for popularizing it. Not to fear, the guys over on eBay are still selling it for around $24.00 dollars and you can find them following the link below.

Anyways, I wanted to hack something up and saw this thing hanging around the corner of the studio. Thought i'd try to add all of my important accessories to it and see how it goes. It's actually not bad, and it turns it from cheap looking to sheek looking. So sit back and enjoy the video of me doing my A.S.S. implants with the Canon 5D Mark II, Battery Grip, Rode VideoMic, 126 LED video light, LCDVF, and Zoom H4n.

Here's the product.
You can find the shoulder support from eBay by clicking this link, or the image below.

click image

Here's a link to that rotating flash bracket that goes for about $21.00 dollars or so.

click image

Shoulder mounts aren't the same as Steadicams. It's not totally designed for walking / running, but it still helps alot in those areas. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so here's a user that's uploaded his version of testing it out by walking around.

If you're still not sold, I believe this is the legendary Phillip Bloom having fun with one.