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The idea to create an external power pack was to wire up a dummy battery into the camera and connect a 7.4v rechargeable RC battery. That voltage would be the same as the original camera battery (for canon), so ideally this should work. I mentioned the idea after seeing Swintronix and posted an article here: http://cheesycam.com/a-diy-canon-dslr-power-pack/

Well Levi V. takes on the external DSLR power pack project with success. After receiving a generic battery pack that used different batteries than his T2i, he decided to hack it up to accept external power from a common RC battery. I've heard that this voltage can also be used on the Lilliput monitor, and on the Z96 LED video lights. As long as you calculate the amps in your power source, there's no reason you couldn't power them all with splitters. You can find out more information about Levi created his from the video above. If you're not into cracking batteries, you can start with the generic AC adapter for Canon cameras and just use the dummy battery terminal for your lead wire. That would make the process much simpler to attach your RC battery. [Thanks Levi]