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It's probably been a while since anyone's used something like this. Very overpriced compared to what's on the market today, a bit odd looking, but might give some DIY'ers ideas for a different take on a body mounted camera stabilizer. There's a few more images following the link here.


Fred C. over at TuperHero.com is working on a DIY shoulder rig I believe he's calling the "Tuper-Rig". Based on the RedRock EyeSpy shoulder mount, he's cleverly used some type of L-Bracket to serve as both an offset (for lcd viewfinders), as well as height leveling. Not easily seen in these photos, he's using 2 long aluminum square tubes to make both the handle + shoulder pad fully adjustable sliding forward and back.

Still in progress, Fred sent me these photos of the basic rig layout. If you check out his blog website at https://tuperhero.com, you'll find more information with some way cool drawings and designs of his final plans. Awesome job Fred, and thanks for that huge huge donation to the website too!!

Final questions i'm sure the Cheesycam audience wants to know is, when's it going to be done, and where can they buy one?